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Blaze on the Beach a Great Success

Wednesday, July 15, 2015 posted by admin

Once again our annual “Blaze on the Beach” fundraiser was a success. Although the number of attendees isn’t where we would like it to be, (only 162 wristbands sold this year) it was still a great day and we raised a lot of money for one of our brothers’ child. We also donated $450 to breast cancer. And during the past few months have given to retired b/c Carl Pinal who by the way is doing great. Thank god!!!

The usual cast of characters always help make this day the success it’s been for the past 18 years.

Big thanks to: Joanne at Bar A and her staff. Always rolling out the red carpet for us and hosting the event for the past 3 years while our “home” for 13 years is being re-built.

Ray Montalvo, Eddie Boa and Del Carr for their DJ abilities. I LOVED the mix of styles and hope we can continue this next year.

The best Pipe and Drum Band around, the Newark Fire Pipe and Drum Band for always having a special moment for us during the day.

We have a host of sponsors to thank and hope that any of these businesses that we mention gets your attention. We need to support them like they do us. Thank you to Iberia’s, Spanish Tavern, Krugs, Seabras food store , Blitz Sports Bar , Dinosaur BBQ, Hispanic Firefighters Assoc, Newark Fireman’s Union, Newark Fire Officer’s Union, The Muse Marketing Group, Tom Szigeti, Don Meier, Vinnie Mautone and Eddie Griff.

Modell’s and Sports Authority have also been generous sponsors of nearly ALL of the door prizes. We hand out discount cards to Modell’s every year and need to use them in order to keep Modell’s as a sponsor. They kick back 5% of sales back to the Blaze. Let’s do our back-to-school shopping there. See Al or Danny for discount cards if you didn’t pick one up.

Blaze Committee: Danny, Al, Damian, Angela and Ray thank you for supporting the Blaze every year and help it to continue to grow. Let it be known that we sold just under 68 dozen tee shirts this year!

Question: If Donovan’s Reef reopens, do we return or remain at Bar A? Your input is very important. Let us know

Yours In Brotherhood,
Al Carlucci
President, UCSA

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A Letter from the President

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 posted by admin


I sincerely hope you all had an enjoyable summer and got to spend time with family and friends. It’s amazing how quickly our summers fly by!

Now, it’s September! Back to school, football and the business at hand.

This year has already proven to be a very active year and all indications are that this is a trend which will continue for some time.

Therefore, our next meeting is now scheduled for Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at 1830 hours at Kilkenny’s Ale House (2nd floor) on the corner of Central and Halsey Streets in Newark.

I can’t possibly convey the importance of our association now. With all the recent happenings within the Newark Fire Department, it is more critical than ever that we try to assure that the actions and practices of our department are performed with integrity and equality for ALL. It is our belief that currently they are performed with anything BUT these qualities.

So as to keep this email from becoming novel, all current issues will be discussed at the aforementioned meeting.

I urge ALL United Civil Servants Association members to make every effort to attend this meeting. There’s too much at stake for us NOT to take interest and action if necessary.

Also to be discussed that night will be our annual “Comedy Night” coming up on October 11, 2014.

Hope to see ALL (and any perspective) members there on the 9th!

As usual, food and drinks will be available.

Yours in Brotherhood,
Al Carlucci, President, U.C.S.A.
Newark Fire Chapter

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A Letter From the President

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 posted by admin

As newly elected President of our United Civil Servants Association, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members who voted and put their faith in me to continue leading our organization forward with our motto of, “Equality for All, Special Interest for None.”Over the past few years, the UCSA has grown to nearly 300 members  and has also become the most diverse group, in keeping with the future direction of our department, it is something of which we are most proud. If we work together, there is strength in numbers and we can accomplish some truly positive things for the fire service all over but particularly here in Newark. 

I hope during my tenure as president, I make you as proud of being a member as I am of having you as a member. 

Yours in Brotherhood,

Alfonse Carlucci
United Civil Servants Association
Newark Fire Department Chapter

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